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Craving an exotic flavor but not sure where to look? We've got the perfect solution and it's good for you too. Served alone, mixed in a salad or added to a dessert, the sweet taste of our Kiwi is a tropical experience of its own. You can also rub them on meat as a tenderizer for faster...
Group: Kiwi
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Surely you want to have sweet citrus around for your family to enjoy. They will appreciate the sugar sweet taste of these medium-sized Texas Rubies. Have one for breakfast or as an on the go snack. Texas Ruby sections make excellent additions to salads and desserts. Shipped November - March
Group: Grapefruits
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Watermelons are the perfect thirst-quenching fruit for hot summer days. Our personal size melons are red, sweet, crisp and better yet, seedless! They're a great addition to salads and smoothies. Contents: 3 personal size watermelons Approx. Net Wt.11 lbs.
Group: Watermelons
Navel Oranges
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Recognized by their "navel" at the blossom end, these oranges are considered by many to be the best in the world. Rich in Vitamin C, Navels are juicy-sweet and easy to peel. You'll have no problem keeping away winter chills with the choices we offer. Shipped November - April
Group: Oranges
Vidalia Sweet Onions
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World famous Vidalias are grown only in a small area in Georgia. Their distinctive, sweet taste make them an excellent addition to salads and sandwiches. Add them to any of your favorite recipes for a unique onion flavor. Shipped May - August
Group: Bulb onion
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Open up your box of freshly picked peaches and experience their delicate aroma. They are a wonderful summer time treat to add to your favorite cereal or as a topping to pancakes or waffles. Our extra sweet peaches are perfect for pies and cobblers. Be sure to try all of our varieties from the best...
Group: Peaches
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These vine-ripened, extra large, juicy tomatoes are so delicious you can savor them cooked or have them raw in salads and sandwiches. They are handpicked and delicately handled for perfect delivery. Don't store ripe tomatoes in the fridge. Cold temperatures lessen their flavor. Shipped year round...
Group: Tomatoes
California Plums
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Enjoy the sweet-tart flavor of tree-ripened Plums. This delicious summertime fruit is a favorite for making jams and jellies. They make a nutritious and refreshing snack on your next family outing. Contents: 9 Plums Shipped June - mid September
Group: Plums
Lemons & Limes
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Make sparkling coolers with refreshing, sweet-tart lemons and limes. Or, be creative and whip up a cool, mouthwatering pie. You can also use the juice and zest in your favorite dishes for an extra zing. Contents: 3 lbs. Lemons 3 lbs. Limes Shipped year round
Group: Citrus fruits
California Apricots
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Relatives to peaches, fresh apricots are said to be the legendary fruit of the Gods. And it is no mystery why! Apricots are easy to eat with velvety skin and flesh. They are juicy, sweet and full of beta-carotene, vitamin C and fiber. Contents: 9 Apricots Shipped late May - mid September
Group: Apricot


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